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Our Mission

The Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association (VBYA) has the aim of nurturing and developing youth into sincere Buddhists and upright citizens; contributing to a peaceful and prosperous society based on Buddhist principles.

Our Story

The VBYA has been in existence for over 60 years, while facing many adversities and challenges, the Organisation has persevered and grown. With the maxim of Compassion-Wisdom-Courage (Bi Trí Dũng), successive generations of VBYA members have diligently and faithfully continued to promote and commit themselves to the mission and values of the organisation; thereby achieving growth and establishment of new branches within Vietnam and overseas.

The result of such successful expansion is due to the unwavering dedication of members who continue to educate and promote the Organisation’s noble mission and fundamental aim, which are based on humanitarian and liberal values.

Branches across Australia


Tâm Minh Region

GĐPT Đại Bi Quan Âm

GĐPT Chánh Đạo

GĐPT Đại Hoan Hỷ

GĐPT Quảng Đức


Tịnh Khiết Region

GĐPT Chánh Pháp

GĐPT Pháp Bảo

GĐPT Huyền Quang

GĐPT Chánh Kiến

GĐPT Chánh Tâm

GĐPT Lục Hòa


Thiện Minh Region

GĐPT Long Hoa

GĐPT Chánh Tín

GĐPT Liên Hoa

GĐPT Pháp Hoa

GĐPT Chánh Tuệ

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